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Al Mal Newspaper (English)

New financial alternatives through buying the shares of the companies

CBE start to regulate it through the support of finance to SME using Factoring

In order to provide technical support to SME and before issuing the new regulations enhancing the finance to this sector through banks , CBE has prepared a conference yesterday under the subject new tools for financing SME , the subject that takes the more interests from the finance experts what could factoring & finance tools provide through buying the shares of the companies of the sector.

Ahmed Shaheen -the general manager of Egypt Factors- clarified the role that factoring could play as one of the most important tools that provide liquidity to clients , secure them from the risk of non payments and help them in collection and administration of their debts.

He added that under the new vision of the government and the CBE , the company will provide finance without relaying on the traditional guarantees and assess the clients activities as per their sectors.

This conference was held under the sponsorship of Egypt Factors which is a joint venture between IFC ,CIB and FIMBank which is an international financial institution in Malta