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Al Mal Newspaper

FIM Bank meets banks and export companies to discuss trade cooperation

FIM Bank, Malta - one of the biggest European banks in the area of trade promotion - intends to organize a visit to Egypt, headed by Francoise Truffier, the Marketing Director, in order to meet a number of banks working in the Egyptian market as well a set of the largest exporting companies, to discuss ways to facilitate the tripartite cooperation between banks and companies.

From his part, Ahmed Shaheen, General Manager of Egypt Factors Co., " the arm of FIMBank in Egypt, in joint venture with the Commercial International Bank and the International Finance Corporation, confirmed that the visit of "FIM Bank" aims to activate cooperation between the top exporting companies in Egypt from Egypt Factors customers in cooperation with a number of banks.

Shaheen said that the meeting with exporters is to discuss their requests and to identify the most important problems they face as well to cover their needs, pointing to the diversification of exporting clients among several industries like electrical appliances exporters, pharmaceutical and suppliers to the infrastructure sector.

And it is scheduled for Francoise Truffier, the Marketing Director of FIM Bank, to meet a number of Egyptian banks representatives, either public or private banks, led by Commercial International Bank (CIB), being FIMBank's strategic partner in Egypt Factors with a stake of 40% each.