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For suppliers
growth: Increase your sales while meeting your buyers’ needs.
cost reduction: Outsource part of your administrative burden and focus on generating new business. Thanks to our sophisticated systems and professional approach, we are in a position to handle all outstanding receivables and to monitor the credit-worthiness of your buyers.
increase / maintain profits: Our measures for customers’ credit risk protection will help you avoid debtor losses, and ensure that your envisaged profits materialise.
liquidity / cash flow planning Not only will you be able to turn your sales on credit terms into cash sales, but thanks to more predictable liquidity flows, you will also be able to plan the settlement of payables due, while benefitting from early payment discounts.
improved standing The selling of receivables cleans up your balance sheets and improves the relevant ratios, thus increasing your standing with your bank and business partners.
For purchasers
Favourable terms Buying at suitable open account terms relaxes pressure on your cash flow. It also allows you to synchronise better the time gap between your payables (outgoing funds) and receivables (incoming funds).
Purchase Power Our purchase factoring services will enable you to increase your purchase volumes without tying up or even resorting to your bank facilities.
Satisfied suppliers Your suppliers will enjoy the benefits of factoring as described above.