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Who we are

Egypt Factors is the first licensed Egyptian company specialising in factoring services. It has been established on November 14th, 2006, under company registration no. 21145 as a joint stock company equipped with a paid-in capital of USD 25 million.

Over the years, Egypt Factors has established a reputation as a company that is extremely responsive to clients’ individual requirements. The cornerstone of the company’s success has been the provision of a quality accounts receivable management service with together tailor-made finance based on underlying commercial trade transactions, and thereby supporting suppliers in meeting their buyers’ expectations.

Classified as a non-bank financial institution, Egypt Factors falls under the supervision and control of the Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA), which is the primary governmental authority concerned with regulating and facilitating the non-bank financial sector in Egypt.

Our Values:
To our...We promise ...
Shareholders & Potential investors A transparent and sound business model with sustainable return on equity and business growth
Clients Reliability, service quality, efficiency, and security
Business partners Cooperation, loyalty, and mutual profitability
State and society Creation of stable job opportunities, compliance with regulations, and efforts directed at macro& regional economic development
Employees and management Respect, value added expertise ,career development, benchmarked remuneration, team spirit