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Egypt Factors ‘factoring solutions are designed to help both suppliers as well as buyers in their domestic or international trade.

Our prospective clients usually sell their products or services to medium size and large corporations on credit terms in the range form to 30- 180 days, the matter that most companies can’t afford to grant.

On the other hand, our clients may have large purchase orders that cannot be fulfilled due to lack of liquidity, and accordingly they need immediate funding so as not to waste the business opportunity or to let go of a customer.

All corporations with annual turnover/sales more than USD 10 million and having a stable portfolio offering credit terms up to 180 days to corporate buyers can make use of our factoring services. The receivables must result from completely fulfilled contracts by the seller.

Do you may find any of the detailed hereunder?

  • You always hope that your customers will pay soon.
  • You will be able to pay your suppliers promptly if your customers paid on time.
  • You have huge purchase orders from big client that can’t be accepted due to lack of funds.
  • You have a hard time to manage enough funds for payroll.
  • You need to extend your payment terms in order to introduce new client to your portfolio.

If you find some or all of these statements matching your needs and position, it’s good luck to be here on Egypt Factors website, where there is a very good opportunity that we may be able to help you. To learn more about the different types of factoring ( click here). While if you want to test your suitability to factoring please fill in the contact application ( click here). If you need more information about factoring please ( click here)